The ALLEN trademark has been the symbol of high quality and high precision mechanical equipment in Italy and the world since its creation in 1958.

The range of products includes all the equipment for modern high technology machine tools and traditional machine tools to safely clamp, rotate, move, guide and tilt pieces to be machined.

The range of products includes vices for drills, milling machines, machining centres and grinding machines, available in mechanical, hydropneumatic, and hydraulic versions; the range also includes modular clamping elements, right angled and vertical vice supports, tilting and swivel tables, dividing tables and automatic and manual dividing tables, right-angled tables and manual or powered NC coordinate tables with ball screws.

Each phase of the process is monitored and at the end of the process dimensional controls are carried out in a well equipped metrology room using a three-dimensional NC measurement machine.

The main activity is concentrated in a new plant located in an industrial area within easy reach of the motorway.