Machine tools and equipment

ALLEN has been a popular brand since 1958 and is considered a synonym for reliability and high-quality in the precision mechanics sector.

Its wide assortment of customised and made-to-measure solutions enabled the company to conquer parts of the market that are usually not interested in the standard production.

Modular vices are among the most popular tools - they come in a variety of types and sized and are ideal where precise and repeated positioning as well as a high clamping strength are needed. The range is completed by hydraulic vices, perfect for automatic clamping where a bigger clamping strength is needed, as well as hydropneumatic vices, thanks to which it is possible to regulate the clamping strength to avoid damaging the more delicate pieces. In addition to vices, a series of accessories is also available - revolving bases, flat jaws, prismatic jaws, grooved jaws, knurled jaws, brackets and alignment blocks.

ALLEN also produces tilting equipment, such as revolving and tilting tables and vices and cradle tables, and equipment to shift the pieces such as manual right-
angled tables (available also with revolving base), high-precision right-angled tables with ball screws, automatic right-angled tables, linear tables with revolving base, horizontal and vertical dividing tables.

In addition, find out all our solutions for precision mechanics and Tig, Mig, Wire and laser welding.

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