Mechanical, hydropneumatic and hydraulic modular vices for milling machines and machining centers, grinding vices



The mechanical specifications of this vice are the same as those of the mechanical MAP/78 model (high precision, stiffness and resistance to great stress caused by heavy milling work). Thanks to a special hydraulic unit, it provides very high clamping force without any special effort on the part of the operator.

The clamping pressure can be checked on the gauge and adjusted by the operator so as to achieve repeatable positioning with the same preset pressure, which is indispensable for a vice which can easily reach up to 8000 kg of clamping force.
The hydraulic unit allows the jaws to approach the piece mechanically and to automatically provide the preset pressure. The clamping is extremely safe and does not require any special effort from the operator. During the release phase, the pressure decreases thus disabling the hydraulic device, and the jaws move away from the piece mechanically. As the screw, slideways and lead screw are protected form dust and chips, almost no maintenance is needed.

From time to time the hydraulic unit may need an oil refill but it can very easily be done thanks to the special tank with which the vice is delivered. All contact surfaces are properly ground. The vice is supplied with ground flat jaws made of casehardened and tempered steel. Prismatic jaws to clamp cylindrical pieces are available on request.

The vice can be supplied with a 360° graduated revolving base or without base; in the latter case the perfect alignment of the jaw is secured by two longitudinal and transversal slots on the lower section of the base.

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