GS 600-3 CAST IRON UNI 4544
Brinell Hardness: HB = 190-270

The mechanical specifications of this vice are the same as those of the MAP/78 model (high precision, stiffness and resistance to great stress caused by heavy milling work). A hydraulic unit controls the automatic closing and opening of the vice through a hydraulic pedal pump.
This makes this vice indispensable for all mass-production jobs requiring accurate, safe clamping and release of workpieces time after time with high clamp force. The hydraulic pedal pump operates on 4-8 bar compressed air and provides 6000 kg of clamping force which is preset during testing and therefore is not adjustable by the user. 

The automatic closing stroke is about 10 mm in size with continuous 3 mm increments in compliance with accident prevention-standards. The oil pressure supplied by the hydraulic pump is about 250 kg/cm2. Since the central screw, lead screw, slideways and bench top are protected from dust and chips, the vice is practically maintenance-free. All faces are properly ground. 

The vice is supplied with ground flat jaws made of casehardened, tempered steel. Prismatic jaws to clamp cylindrical pieces are available on request. The vice can be supplied with a 360° graduated revolving base or without base; in this case the perfect alignment of the jaw is secured by two longitudinal and transversal slots on the lower section of the base.

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